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"Which one's your favorite? 

Tell me yours, I'll tell you mine!"


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The first Joe Riverton-Evola Johnson 


A woman walks into his office. Classic opening for my modern noir story, pitting Joe Riverton against the local billionaire whose daughter fears she is about to lose her $70 million inheritance. Joe's not buying her story--but his own past won't let him decline to help. But first he has to make his case to an unlikely judge: Evola Johnson, the outspoken, big-hearted live-in nurse he hired to care for his comatose wife.

An Attila Betts Adventure

"Steve! You're making me crazy!! Finish 'em already!!"

Since the collapse of Communism, Hungarians have been searching for a new national identity and have found inspiration in the figure of Attila the Hun. A small cadre of fanatics believe the descendants of the "Scourge of God" have been marked in special ways, and can be discovered and coopted into their cause. Attila Betts is one of these, though he does not know it. However, it is not his name alone but the very talents that are rumored to mark the Scouge's descendants that have caused his name to rise out of the mists of Hungarian history.

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